Dig in to our courses, designed to support and equip you in your ministry.
These courses have been created to make sure you've got a solid foundation for your children's, youth, and family ministries. You can participate on your own or with a group, and at whatever pace is best for you. 

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Here's what we've got coming:

SafeR Church

Creating SafeR Church
Maintaining SafeR Church
Abuse Prevention
Event Prep Basics
Policies for the Protection of Children, Youth and Vulnerable People

Children's Ministry

Why We Do Children's Ministry
Healthy Boundaries for Children's Ministry
Best Practices for Children's Ministry
Choosing a Curriculum

Youth Ministry

Why We Do Youth Ministry
Healthy Boundaries for Youth  Ministry I
Healthy Boundaries for Youth
Ministry II
Best Practices for Youth Ministry

Family Ministry

Why We Do Family Ministry
Healthy Boundaries for Family Ministry
Best Practices for Family Ministry

Additional Resources

The Importance of Story
Reading Lists
Program Packages
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