Sunday School is a central component of faith formation for many children. Whether you've got kids of all ages in one room, or kids broken up into classes, the goal of supporting and sharing with children as they grow in their love and understanding of God is the same. And we've got lots of resources and ideas to help!

Curriculum in Focus: Godly Play

"The Godly Play approach uses story, play, ritual and creativity to enhance the child's authentic experience of God."

from Godly Play Canada

Godly Play is a powerful, creative way to share the stories of faith with children - and we are working on having a training weekend this summer! If you are interested, get in touch by filling out the form below.

Helpful Resources

Connect Workshop
Workshops can be offered for churches, parishes or regions to help equip and empower Sunday School teachers. Fill out the contact form to find out more!
Sunday School Curriculums
This document was designed to help parishes explore curriculums, and find one that works for them. Download here.

Got a question or need help with something in particular? Fill this out and Allie will help you out!

Websites we like:

Compendium of the Church Mice

A free Sunday School curriculum put together by the Anglican Church of Canada a few years ago.


It can be overwhelming to navigate, and tricky to filter the good from the not so good, but pinterest is full of great ideas for Sunday School.

Child Development Institute

As you work with children, it's helpful to know where they are likely at developmentally so that you can make sure that your program aligns with that.

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