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Breaking the ICE! at Community Roots!

Planning for Community Roots Day Camp is well-underway! The summer is almost here, which means the first weeks of summer camp will soon begin!

If you’ve ever gone to summer camp, you may already know that the adventure comes with a whole lot of different feelings and emotions: excitement, nervousness, thrill, wonder, hesitation, reluctancy, enthusiasm, lots of energy, and so, so much more. Summer camp can bring an entire spectrum of emotions and reactions, each campers’ experience is unique and different, and each one is so very special. At the forefront, on the first day of camp, comfort and care is so important as campers walk in to a potentially brand-new environment, with unfamiliar people, places, and things. Understanding the importance of an ultra-welcoming environment, while also respecting each campers’ personal comfort level is key.

If you’ve been to camp, or other gatherings, one of the first things to happen is to introduce yourself to the rest of the group – ice breakers! Ice breakers tend to be in the form of a game or fairly structured activity, with the overall goal that by the end, the participants feel more at ease with their new surroundings. We do lots of different activities at camp to help us get to know one another and build relationships with each other and the community - one way we try to do this is through the use of ice breakers! At Community Roots, we hope that all campers will, in their own time, begin to feel comfortable and confident, whether they have been to camp before, are already familiar with some of the people or spaces, or if this is their first experience of camp and these new surroundings.

I found a couple of pretty neat icebreakers that you can try out with your groups of any age or size – familiar or unfamiliar – at your next gathering!

Here’s a different take on rock, paper, scissors:


One-Word-Stories are fun, and never fail to fill the room with laughter:


Why not try a throw and tell ball like this one (or use a tennis ball and have participants ask each other questions as they toss it around the circle):


And of course, one of my personal favourites to use at Parish Council meetings, discussions with congregations, and more, are the Faith Sharing Cards created by the Building Healthy Parishes VSST:


There are so many fun ways to integrate icebreakers into your gatherings, why not try some out with your groups, learn new things about one another, and have some fun!

At Community Roots Day Camp, we are looking forward to all of the wonderful and meaningful connections that will be made throughout the Diocese this summer! Want to join us? Click here to find out how you can get involved this summer!

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