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Creating Ripples in Our Communities.

This summer has been full of excitement and fun, and extremely busy to say the least. Community Roots Day Camp is beginning to wrap up for the summer with only one 1-day camp left (St. John's, Lunenburg August 21st). As we begin to wrap-up, I can’t help but to reflect on all that we have accomplished over these past few months throughout our diocese.

We began the journey in this ministry with a goal of reaching out: reaching out to parishes and communities that are looking to invest in their communities and their youth, reaching out to those in need of assistance and guidance in a (maybe) new ministry, reaching out to build relationships, and more. We connected with FIVE different communities across our Diocese and have collaborated within this ministry to provide a way for youth to engage in Christ and in community with us, with their communities and with each other.

I see these initial talks and meetings and collaborations that we have had with those in our Diocese as little pebbles of which we have thrown into the water. Those pebbles create ripples in the water and for me, each camp in each community represents a different ripple. The cool thing about ripples are that they start off small, and as they go further and further away from the initial spot where the pebble was thrown, the ripples become bigger and bigger, reaching out further and further – I hope that the ripples that we have created continue to reach out to more people and more places. The ripples make these small waves, and these many small waves can have a significant impact on the lives of the people in our communities - this is what I hope is to come from Community Roots Day Camp moving forward, is that the waves will continue to grow and grow and reach more and more people in many more communities across our Diocese. My hope is that this is just the beginning for this new ministry of which we have embarked, and that so many more relationships will continue to be made, grow, and flourish; that more connections can be made within our communities; that more people will be able to engage in a way that is so meaningful and important.

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