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PLAY at Community Roots!

Last week’s Blog Post described the Art and Creativity component of camp; however, Community Roots Day Camp will have other components to explore scripture and daily themes as well. One of those other components is Play. Through Play at Community Roots, campers will be given the opportunity to go deeper into the meanings of scripture and apply it to real-world, real-time situations in whichever ways are most meaningful to them. As camp programming is created and fine-tuned, Play sessions are selected and created to fit into the day’s theme and help to solidify understanding and continuity of the themes being conveyed at Community Roots.

A lot of time will be spent in activities in Community with others: other campers, leaders/volunteers, outside members of the community who come to share their passions and talents with campers, and many more. “Play” may sound simplistic at first glance, however there are many intricacies of how Play can serve as an important purpose in the overall scheme of Camp (and also life) and give campers opportunities to learn and grow so many of their skills and abilities. Each Play session will comprise itself of several activities that campers will participate in, which connects to the theme of the day and which each have specific skill sets and abilities that are targeted within the activity – this may mean communication skills, teamwork skills, problem-solving, leadership, and so much more. These activities allow campers to go deeper into the world of God, scripture, and faith as they explore the many ways that Play can bring them into a closer relationship with others, and with God. Times for reflection and conversation will also be present within these activity times, which will help to facilitate campers’ going deeper.

Campers will be able to learn how to express themselves in various ways as the day continues. Play gives campers the freedom to let loose, be themselves, to be carefree and open, and to HAVE FUN! Even with structured Play activities, campers will be able to let their own personalities shine through and engage in meaningful ways. At Community Roots Day Camp, we recognize that every camper will have their own places and times where they will feel most comfortable, and be able to feel most able to allow their walls down and just have fun: for someone this may mean the Art/Create sessions, for some it may mean the Discover/Science sessions, and for some this might mean the Play sessions – this is the beauty of Community Roots Day Camp, it gives every camper the opportunity to shine in whichever ways they feel most comfortable while also exploring (and hopefully become more comfortable in those potentially new situations as well).

Through the Play activities, campers will have opportunities to grow relationships with other campers, as well as with the leaders/volunteers engaging with them throughout the day. These relationships are so vital for campers to feel comfortable and safe in this sometimes new and strange environment. These leaders/volunteers are straight from the community where the camps are being held. This is a crucial piece as these are the relationships that we want to be forming, these are the roots that we want to be strengthening – the community roots, the roots that keep us grounded in community and in Christ.

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