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Getting Creative at Community Roots!

One of the components of camp is to explore daily themes through various activities. In the mornings at camp we will explore the themes and scriptures through worship and prayer. Throughout the rest of the day we will explore the themes and scriptures through various other ways such as science, art, and play. How will we do this? By nurturing the creative minds, souls and bodies that find themselves at Community Roots Day Camp.

At Community Roots Day Camp, we will look to engage in the process of creativity, instead of looking for specific products to be produced by the campers. We acknowledge that each participant has individual strengths, interests, spirit, and more.

When we want to encourage creation and inspiration in people, we should not expect the same results from every individual – that is because they are just that, individuals! Individuals with their own interests, stories, experiences, and much more that have shaped them to this day. When asking participants of any activity to engage in a creative process, I would argue that telling the participant what to think or how to feel/reflect, is counterproductive. There are instances where education of scripture has a place of importance, however in young minds it can be much more important to allow them to form their own interpretations of scripture as they develop their spirituality. Instead of lecturing and teaching what WE have interpreted of scripture, we should be walking with these individuals as they take on their own journey of creativity and exploration.

If we look at a scripture, such as one we would have read only a few weeks back relating to the Easter season for example, about Doubting Thomas, and asked the children what they thought – they would surely give many different answers, because scripture is interpreted in many ways. What we interpret from the story of Doubting Thomas may be completely different, or extremely similar to that of another persons’ interpretation. When approaching a story and looking for interpretations from those around us – every interpretation is considered valid, important, and relevant; no one interpretation is either right, nor wrong. When we introduce activities that lead to the production of a specific product, we leave no room for interpretation – and that is where the creativity can become lost. So, something you will see at Community Roots Day Camp is a process, not production.

At Community Roots Day Camp, volunteers will recognize and employ how to walk with participants as they engage in this creative process of interpretation and exploration of scripture, as they begin to ask questions, and look for ways to enhance their own understanding of meaning, and more than likely gain a new understanding themselves as they learn from new perspectives and the interpretations of others. This creative process will be encouraged throughout the entire week as we grow in faith and community together.

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