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Book Review - The Gift of Hard Things: Finding Grace in Unexpected Places by Mark Yaconelli

The Gift of Hard Things is real good. Even in just doing a quick read to figure out if I’d recommend this to someone I found myself working through and praying about some of my own hard things and finding new ways to think about and make meaning of those experiences.

Yaconelli is open and honest about his own experiences, and offer relatable and understandable stories as the base for exploring hard stuff like burnout, disappointment, difficult people, suffering, and death.

These are things that everyone experiences through life, and this book offers stories to help you feel less alone in those feelings, and suggests spiritual practices and actions that you can take to help find grace in the midst of those things.

For anyone doing ministry, a book like this can help you make meaning and deal with your own stuff, helping you grow closer to God through it rather than drifting further away as a result of crisis or challenge. It really is more about self-reflection than a resource to help others, but if you take good care of yourself, you’ll better be able to care for others.

This book (and loads of others!) are available to borrow from the Youth and Family Ministry Resource Library.

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