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Getting Ready for CLAY 2018!

Although it is still a year away, youth from across the diocese are already preparing for CLAY 2018. It's happening in Thunder Bay, ON, which is an exciting opportunity for many young people who have never travelled before, who can join with friends and leaders for this incredible experience.

CLAY is the Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth Gathering, and it takes place every two years in a different city each time. In 2016, it was in Charlottetown, which meant that it was easily accessible to many from our diocese, and also meant that lots of volunteers came together to help make it happen.

Although Thunder Bay is farther away, and a whole lot different than Charlottetown, there will be some familiar things for those who have been to CLAY before. There will be Large Group Gatherings, with everyone at CLAY coming together to hear from speakers, sing along with an incredible band, and see performances from a drama team; Late Night Spots, fun activities at the end of the day, like a dance or board games; and lots of opportunities to meet people from all across the country as we learn and grow together!

Whether you or folks from your parish have been to CLAY before or not, CLAY 2018 will be sure to offer something new and will be an experience to remember!

If you are thinking about (or already decided on!) going to CLAY 2018, be sure to get in touch with Allie - she'll make sure you are up to dat eon CLAY news and will put you in touch with other groups in your area who are planning to go!

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