Parishes and regions are key part of the Community RootsDay Camp Program - not just because it's where the programs will happen, but because the program is also designed to equip and enable ongoing children's and youth ministry throughout the year.

The schedule for 2019 is filled up, but the camp team would be happy to talk about how you can run your own program

- or we can start talking about next year!

A church, parish, or region can apply to offer a camp program in collaboration with the Community Roots Day Camp Program Team. Your context, location, and resources will determine whether it makes sense for your church parish or region to apply. 

What you need:

  • A desire to do ministry with children and youth.

  • At least one key person to be the contact person for camp staff, and to be the lead for recruiting volunteers and making arrangements within the church, parish or region.

  • More volunteers willing to support a day camp.

  • A location! It doesn't need to be your church hall, it can be a community facility, but you'll need a suggestion of a place that a day camp can happen. It should have a kitchen, a big open space, ideally smaller rooms that different activities can happen in, and access to outdoor space nearby.

  • An understanding of your broader community, what resources are there, what gifts and skills do people in your community have, and how might those people places, and things, be part of a day camp.

  • Energy and enthusiasm!

What we'll bring:

  • A solid faith-based program to encourage children and young people to explore faith in new ways (and all of the supplies and materials needed to make it happen!)

  • Training to help equip volunteers to facilitate aspects of camp and root them in best practices and an understanding of healthy boundaries for doing ministry with children and youth. 

  • Support and expertise in doing the work of managing risks associated with this program.

  • Creativity, excitement, and enthusiasm for collaboration!

Email Allie at if you'd like to talk more about camp! :)

If you have any questions, email Allie or take a look at our FAQs.

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