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Our Diocese has established a  number of initiatives to help parishes discover their particular ministry pathway to make a difference in the world God loves. We believe that “It‘s about the world !” (John 3:16)  Mission is not only what we do, but also who we are. By their very   nature healthy, vital congregations exist and grow to introduce people to a loving God who longs to   transform lives and society in the name of Christ.

Diocesan Mission: To participate in God’s mission of reconciling the world to God through Jesus Christ.
Diocesan Vision: To create and sustain Christ-centered, mission-minded- ministering communities of faith.


The Parish Vitality Coordinator works with parishes to enable them to live out a more vital ministry in the context of constantly changing times, under the direction of the Diocesan Bishop.
The Parish Vitality Coordinator is available upon request to work with regions, parishes, groups of parishes, and lay and clergy leaders. This may be for general or specific consultation, training, and facilitation of processes to help congregations explore options. These may be focused on matters related to discipleship, leadership, healthy structures, new models of ministry, Fresh Expressions of church, etc., and to help create Mission Action Plans (MAPs). She is also able to make referrals for resources and other supports (expertise).
Some  Tools in the PVC Kit:

Church Identity: Who are we? What are we about?
We Are Blessed: Identifying God’s generous gifts for ministry.
ADVANCE: Parish (or regional) discernment for viability and redevelopment.
AIM: Clarifying vision, goals and priorities for congregations. (Mission Action Plans)
Making Disciples: From the seeker to the committed.
Fresh Expressions of Church: How to ‘plant’ a new congregation
Radical Welcome: hospitality in various forms.
Spiritual Gifts: Exploring our individual gifts for service.
HELP WANTED! Leadership Development: Identify, train, and deploy for ministry.
Effective Communication: Inside and outside of the parish.
Christian Formation and Nurturing Small Groups
SQUELCHING THE SQUABBLES: Understanding conflict and harmonious relationships.
Holy Manners Covenants: identify values, guidelines and practices for leadership together  
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