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Questions about Camp

Questions About Hosting a Camp

Questions about Signing Kids Up for Camp

Questions about Camp

What is this?


The Diocesan Summer Day Camp Program is a program being offered by the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It’s a day camp program planned and led by staff, in collaboration with volunteers in parishes and regions throughout the diocese.


The specifics of each program will vary somewhat from community to community, but the core will stay the same. It is a faith-based program in which campers will spend time in worship each day, hearing stories from scripture and then exploring what they might mean for their lives through art, games, and other activities.


How is this different from a Vacation Bible School?

In some ways it’s pretty similar – a program is planned by a team to be delivered in various communities – but there are some key differences. This program is developed in and for the Diocese of NS & PEI, so it is particularly suited to the context of this place, and will incorporate aspects of Anglican tradition. Also, staff support will accompany parishes, churches, and regions and take the lead in delivering the program, and in training volunteers. The most important difference between this camp program and a traditional VBS is the intentional work to ensure sustainability. Each parish, church, or region that hosts a week of camp will be left with a host of resources to equip and encourage them in continuing to minister to young people in their community throughout the year.

Who runs this program?


The camps are run as an initiative of the Youth and Family Ministry Vision Strategy and Support Team. On the ground making the programs happen will be Allie Colp (Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator) and Program Architects (summer staff people – more info about that here), in collaboration with screened and trained local volunteers.

Who is this camp for?


The age range for camp will vary from place to place, but will either be ages 5 to 12 or ages 10 to 15.


Do you have to be Anglican?


You sure don’t! People from any faith tradition (or people with no faith tradition) are welcome. If you want to explore questions about faith and life with people around your age, this is for you. All of the local hosts will be Anglican communities, but all are welcome.

What will happen at camp?


We are still working on all of the details of the program, but each day will follow a similar pattern – worship, creative explorations of themes from scripture, We’ll also get out and interact with the wider community in service.  

Where will the camps be?


Applications for parishes, churches or regions who are interested in hosting camps are still being received. If you’d like to see a camp near you, get in touch with your local church and encourage them to apply here!


Questions about Hosting a Camp

Why should we do this instead of just using a VBS program?


This program offers direct, in person support in training and equipping volunteers in your church, parish, or region to not only make a camp happen, but to continue to do ministry with children and youth throughout the year.


Additionally, this camp is planned for this diocese, with aspects of Anglican tradition included in the program. Children and young people who participate in this camp will see aspects of camp reflected if they attend a Sunday church service, in addition to seeing people who were part of their camp experience there.


Are there financial requirements to host a camp?


There is no obligation, but host churches, parishes, or regions are encouraged to make a donation to the Diocesan Day Camp Program to help ensure that it can continue into the future while keeping costs for participation low.


What things do we need to arrange if we host a camp?


Host churches, parishes or regions need to book the facilities that will be used for camp, recruit volunteers, collaborate with the camp planning team to ensure that the program is tailored to the context of their community, and arrange for snacks during camp.


What kind of volunteers will be needed?


Volunteers will be needed to accompany campers during the camp, to facilitate components of camp, to work the registration table, to help out in the kitchen preparing snacks, and maybe a few other things!


The kind of volunteers that we need are people with a heart for serving children and young people, and a desire to serve their community missionally through a day camp program. There is room for all kinds of gifts and talents if people come with that.

How will screening of volunteers take place?


Screening of volunteers will incorporate a combination of training, reference checks, an interview, a Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Check and ongoing supervision.


How does my church/parish/region apply to host a camp?


The application is available here!


Questions about Signing a Kid Up for Camp


The registration cost is too high for my family – are there any options?

Bursaries are available. Email for more info. If cost is the only thing holding you back, we’ll find a way to make it work for you! Seriously - don't hesitate to request a bursary. We don't want anyone to be prevented from participating because of money, and we will be sure to keep your application confidential.

Where do I register?


Registration isn’t up and running quite yet, so check back for more detail on that!

Where does my registration information go?


Allie Colp, Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator, receives all camp registrations. All information received will be kept confidential, unless it needs to be shared in the case of an emergency.

What is the registration deadline?


The deadline for the early bird discount is July 1st, 2018, but the firm deadline for registration will be one week before the first day of camp.


I have concerns, who should I get in touch with?


You can get in touch with Allie Colp by email at or by phone at (902) 789 3481

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