The faith formation that happens at home, and the way that faith is explored there, can have a huge impact on the faith of children as they grow into youth and into adults.

Knowing how to talk about God through the day, and knowing how to equip parents to do that can be challenging - so here are some things that will hopefully help.

Resource in Focus:

Frolic Nursery Cards

These cards aren't playing cards, they are cards with prayers, encouragements, and questions to ask your kids to start a conversation about faith. They are targeted for young kids, and can lay the groundwork for continuing faith formation at home as kids grow up. Borrow them from the Resource Library, or buy them here.

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Websites we like:


This article outlines the importance of faith formation in the home. The information it talks about is also found in Hemorrhaging Faith, a Canadian study of young adults (available in the Resource Library). This article is a much lighter read though.

Faith Formation Learning Exchange

This website is a hub of information - articles, research and resources all about family based faith formation.

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