Encounter 21 Theme, Team and Candidates
Last Updated: April 23rd 2018


Theme: Super Powers! In a world of fear and violence we are reminded of the peace and acceptance that God offers us. His power within us has the ability to change the word around us. He makes the way and allows us to always keep faith in hard times.

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control."

Colors: Black/Stormy Black (Fear) & White (Grace & Purity)

Song: Acoustic version of:  “Do Something” - Matthew West

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Candidates Registered

Maya Trevors

Cam Trevors

Kyra Kenney

Dani Bruce

Harley Clark

Chris Simons

Abbey-Gail Roberts

Considering Attending







Core & Others

Judi Colp

Emma Simpson

Nathan McLeod

Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator - Allie Colp

Observer - Hilary Richardson


Noah Wiegers - Community

Ricky Bower - Who am I?

Jenna Martin - Sacred Scripture

Rev. Brieanna - Metanoia

Rev. Cate - God is Love

Allie Colp - Communication/Mission

Maggie Wiegers - Friendship

Becky Coholan - Beyond Encounter

Conference Team

Hod: Shelly Molyneaux

Co-Hod: Noah Wiegers

Ricky Bower

Hannah Bent

Chloe Coombs

Core Liaison: Emma

Ministry: Rev. Brieanna

Worship Team

Hod: Jen Schwartz

Co-Hod: Maggie Wiegers

Rebecca Rose

Mark McMullin

Iain Downey

Dawn Purcell

Core Liaison: Nathan

Ministry: Rev. Cate

Ministry Team

Hod: Brieanna Andrews

Cate Ratcliffe

Jessie Bower

Core Liaison: Emma

Salt Team

Lisa Lawrence

Steve Purcell

Core Liaison: Nathan

Ministry: Rev. Brieanna

Wheat Team

Hod: Ruth MacNeil

Co-Hod: Jenna Martin

Becky Coholan

Lina Murphy

Core Liaison: Judi

Ministry: Rev. Cate

Kitchen Team

Hod: Brenda Cowie

Co-Hod: Rick Ratcliffe

Heather Coholan

Alisha Arsenault

Logan Henderson

Core Liaison: Judi

Ministry: Rev. Cate

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