Diocesan Youth Conference

DYC is an annual gathering for youth from the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island who are in grade 7 through 12. It happens on the last weekend in October somewhere in NS or PEI, and is a conference spent in worship, learning about what it means to live as a Christian, hanging out with friends, and having a really great time. This year, the weekend is October 25 to 27 at Malagash Bible Camp.
For youth in grades 7 to 12
Cost: $85 for participants/$50 for leaders
(Bursaries are available! Email Will (rector@christchurchamherstns.ca) to apply)
October 25 to 27. 2019
Registration Deadline: October 11
Registration is now closed.

Wanna know what to expect this year? Here's a taste of DYC 2016...

Frequently Asked Questions

These aren't in any particular order, so you can take a look through all of them, or use "control+F" to

search the page for what you are looking for. If you can't find the info here, get in touch with Will (902-789-3481 or rector@christchurchamherstns.ca). 

What is this?

The Diocesan Youth conference (DYC) is an annual gathering for youth organized by the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It’s an opportunity for youth in grades 7 through 12 to come together and talk about what it means to be young people of faith in today’s world. We relax, get to know each other, worship together – and have a lot of fun!

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for any youth who want to explore faith. If you've been Anglican your whole life, are brand new to the church, are part of another church, a skeptic, or have no idea at all what you believe, you are welcome here! 

But I’m not an Anglican.

You really don’t have to be - we promise! We've had people from all kinds of different denominations (and no denomination at all!) attend over the years. 


The registration cost is more than I can afford.

Bursaries are available. Email acolp@nspeidiocese.ca for more info. If cost is the only thing holding you back, we’ll find a way to make it work for you! Seriously - don't hesitate to request a bursary. We don't want anyone to be prevented from participating because of money, and we will be sure to keep your application confidential.

But what will we actually be doing?

The content of the weekend changes from year to year depending on the theme, but we generally spend some time in small groups getting to know one another, do some bible study, participate in workshops that explore different aspects of the theme, do some creative activities, play games, hang out, have free time with friends, eat really good food, and hopefully have some fun. 

Who are the leaders?

Leaders at DYC are all volunteers who are connected to the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Lots of them are people who grew up going to DYC, and plenty of others are people who are just enthusiastic about helping young people learn and grow. All of our leaders are screened according to the Diocesan Screening Policy, which includes training on Healthy Boundaries. 

Where do we stay?

Most of the time, DYC happens at a summer camp facility somewhere in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We try to move it around to make it easier for people in different areas to attend, but sometimes we find a great camp that we go back to. Participants and leaders sleep in cabins and share meals in a dining hall. 

How are cabins divided?

We generally divide up cabins by gender and try to have a mix of people from different places in each cabin. If there's someone you really want to share a cabin with, let us know and we will try to make it work. If gendered cabins don't work for you, let us know that too and we will come up with a plan that makes you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. 

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